Monday, October 03, 2011

This is what we saw from Hwy 2 and Cole's Corner and turned off to sign into our cabin.  It was a great time and brought back lots of memories from the 70's......76er' Diner& Cabins..

This is our Cabin (Fisherman's Cabin) and it was a great stay.  We had a super time in this area and coffee is included in breakfast meals... the coffee is free... Please check out their web page and I posted it later.  We had a super time when we were in the area and hope everyone enjoyed this posting...Would love to hear from those of you who checked this out~~

Kitchen and a peek-a-boo picture of the bedroom.. along with the living room...

Outside 59'er Diner and also inside the diner.  
They specialize in serving EXCELLENT (World Famous) milkshakes and Al did try one ~ but I abstained from all that frivolity!!!!!  I chalk this up to remaining on my diet.....therefore, I could partake in all the other YUM-O things like German food, Beer, and a fabulous lunch at Snoqualmie Falls but unfortunately I could not find my camera when we were seated at our table overlooking the falls and, therefore, I have no pictures.)  Oh darn....
The Cabins we stayed in are in the back along with an RV Park.....

The upper picture is inside the Women's Restroom and the bottom 2 are "guess where?" ~~ YUP you got it.  Inside the Men's Bathroom at the 59er Diner...., (shhhhh don't tell who took these pictures !!)

These are just a few of the other cute cabins at the 59er Diner.
If you want to see more of this place out check out 

The first thing we saw on our way to Plain, WA was this covered wagon.... CUTE! Of course, we had to check out "Plain,WA" which was a quaint little town with an incredible Hardware Store filled with all sorts of gifts, sweatshirts, T-Shirts, knick-knacks, jewelry, novelties, as well as all the normal hardware store items.  Neither of us had ever heard of "Plain" Wa.!!!!

The Cove at Fish Lake which is an RV park, little store and lots of big fish tales...

This is Lake Wenatchee and it shows the beauty of the area but was taken at the Lake Wenatchee National Forest Campground not the Nason Creek Campground.

Leavenworth, WA is a great little Bavarian Village surrounded by tree covered high mountain forests an over 4,000 Ft. pass so it is in the perfect area to find an authentic Bavarian Village.  This coming weekend Oct 8 & 9, 2011 is their Oktoberfest so check it out on Google.... 

Icicle Brewery in Leavenworth has a fabulous "Sampler Tray" filled with EXCELLENT beer.. Every glass of their beer was great and it is unusual when we find we like all the different varieties which included authentic German varieties.  Al and I definitely recommend this great Brewery and Pub.

Leavenworth, WA has been converted to an adorable and authentic Bavarian Village and is now a destination town which 'saved' it from financial collapse due to the Railroad being moved.  It is now a fun UMM-PA-PA town that attracts thousands of tourists yearly.   Check out the Jagerschnitzel, red cabbage, German dumplings (forgot the German name) I had and the 3 German sausages, red cabbage, sauerkraut, and something else (Al is going to the Post Office right now or else I would ask him and include here), plus we each had another beer.  Hey what's the National drink in Germany?  BEER!!

We stopped at this enormous fruit stand and spent quite a bit of time there as Yakima fruit and vegetables are excellent.  From Swan squash, to a huge selection of pumpkins, peaches, pears, apples, tomatoes, etc., to all the preserves and such inside..... They even have a B&B ~ can you imagine the breakfasts?  YUM-O

The beginning of the gorgeous Yakima Canyon from Ellensburg to Yakima on Hwy 821.

Al and Callie went down to the Yakima River where they met a guy picking up his Pontoon boat that had been beached on the shore after he returned in his pickup truck.  Cool boat.  Then as we were back traveling along the Yakima River Road we saw numerous fisherman who were surprised to see us taking their picture.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Beautiful Pacific Northwest mountain lakes and great rocks that offer a wonderful story of geology!

Top picture is heavy steel mesh to keep rocks from the hillside off the highway.  Next picture is even heavier reinforcement to keep rocks off highway and more stabilization for the hill.  Next picture is what we saw towards the top ~ mostly there is just wire netting dropped over the rock.  The construction was mostly at the top of the pass.  This is all good as it is a long way down to the bottom.