Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

 So cute of a place and they had the most adorable waitress with a fabulous bubbly personality.
Had a wonderful breakfast at this adorable little cafe in Dayville, Oregon.  We'd definitely go back!

 I just about fell over when 'Daddy Tree Tops' came through the door at the Dayville Cafe and the waitress yelled out "Heah Daddy".... I knew right then that it was DADDY TREE TOPS....So I also said "what are you doing here?" to this man....  Thank goodness he had a wonderful sense of humor especially when we told him he looked exactly like our dear friend the Famous Daddy Tree Tops...  (he thought that was kinda funny too!)  He didn't have any problem with letting me take a few pictures of him either.
This guy really looked like "DADDY TREE TOPS"....

 Make-shift old west town on the premises of the Dayville Mercantile property.
Dayville Mercantile has lots of 'stuff' including antiques, food, gift items, and even rubber tomahawks!! 

I noticed a bunch of buildings with bright blue roofs along a hillside, so we went off to find what all those blue roofs were about.  We found that they were houses built by the same contractor and were 'cookie cutter' houses ~ all with bright blue roofs... This picture does not do it justice as the blue is no way the bright navy blue as it is in person.  That contractor sure had an interesting sense of humor...
We almost stayed at the Fish House Inn but decided on the Riverbend Motel in Spray, Oregon. 
The Fish House Inn was really cute and they have a great RV park on property too...Maybe next time we will stay here.

We drove around in Clyde Holliday State Park to check out the RV space we stayed in a number of years ago and it still looks the same...

Prairie City was a really interesting old town and we enjoyed it's charm and friendly people.

Very interesting stone house on the prairie.

We crossed another pass and really enjoyed the beautiful scenery, gorgeous trees and fresh mountain air.

 Looks like this home owner made some upgrades....the town of Whitney information below.
Most of the abandoned homes were little one room houses...just like Ryderwood's once were.  It sure was a gorgeous setting for this town...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

We were driving to our next destination and found a Ghost Town by the name of Whitney, Oregon.  It was an old town that was deserted due to the collapsed industry that was keeping it alive..  Al and I were in awe because this town could be our little town of Ryderwood, WA where we now live..

Some more homes in the Ghost Town,.

Some more old houses that are now part of the Ghost Town!

Some of the old homes of the town,.

And this continued to point out the fact that Ryderwood could have looked like this.. a ghost town..!

Sumpter, Oregon is a wonderful "pull off the main drag" to see and old time mining town and the history that goes along with it... Oregon was built on gold mining.fishing and lumber money so be sure to take the off beat side trip to check this out....

Bank of Sumpter's vault is all that is left after a fire that destroyed the building...

Sumpter, Oregon is one great town to explore and check out the Museum and the other interesting old mining equipment!

Sumpter, Oregon a definite place to stop and explore if you like the old Gold Rush towns and/or fun old northwest towns and museums..

Above is Sumpter Train Station and below is the gold dredge used to help the miners dredge for gold back in the Gold Rush days.   

This town was really fun and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the time we spent there.  If you are ever in the area, please check out http/www.thehistoricunionhotel.com and plan a stay at this gorgeous 16 bedroom hotel and RV Park in the back... It was truly a marvelous hotel and they do accept dogs in 3 rooms.

Our kingsize bed with canopy (above) and the welcoming Lobby at the Hotel..

 Our gorgeous purple bathroom...
The sitting room in our beautiful suite which is dog friendly... This suite is the Atrium Room.

Inside the North Powder Cafe!

We stopped at the North Powder Cafe (just off I-84 south of LaGrande and north of Baker City, Oregon) to have breakfast before we headed out to our next destination.  The meal was wonderful as recommended!!   If we are ever in the area again we would definitely return for another fabulous meal...

We wanted to drive down and see Anthony Lake while in the area, but we had to follow a pilot-car through the construction area and they would not let us 'break out' of the convoy over the mountain.  Next time we are in that area we certainly will go see the lake and check out the campground.

Anthony Lake Ski Area ~ picture above is one of the ski runs.

As we followed the Pilot car up the mountain and through the construction I really wanted to pull off on to the road to see Anthony Lake but to no avail... We were stuck following the pilot car... Next trip, I guess.