Friday, October 03, 2008


Welcome to our blog!! If you were visiting our home you would be welcomed by this cute scarecrow standing on our "Welcome" sign by our front door.
I have focused these pictures on the upcoming holiday and our porch window.

B-O-O !!!!


These are a few of many window decorations to celebrate Halloween. I truly enjoy putting up these decorations.

This wreath is hanging all year on our front porch. I decided during this Halloween time to add a little ghost with her black cat to the Wreath!

On the bottom left picture is our front door with inviting Halloween Witch and non-Halloween sign that says "On This Site In 1897 Nothing Happened".
In the upper right picture are Autumn Halloween flowers and 2 little stuffed people in a basket which sits on the front porch table. Makes our front porch look very festive at any Holiday time. It has been really fun looking for all the various Holiday decorations you will see on this blog throughout the coming year. I found some decorations on E-Bay, some at Garage Sales, some at Estate Sales, and even some at the $1.00 Store.

Our front porch window ledge and little Black Cats and window decorations. Next picture you will see each flower pot up close and personal...

These three flower pots are on the front porch window ledge. The flowers are "Johnny Jump-Ups". They remind me of little viola's or violets.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This is the way the window looked most of the late summer.
Here is the wonderful window and ledge on my front porch that Al built for me. When we bought our home this was just an ugly green corrigated wall. Al built up our porch and inserted an old window found at one of Ryderwood's older residents....Harold Barnes, better known as Barney. Barney loves to give things away and has a garage full of 'things' where Al usually finds that he wants. Barney and wife Pat have their house for sale as they are moving to a retirement home... they are in their 80's and just want to live somewhere with -0- yard work....
Every Holiday I change the decorations and have lots of fun with that...
The flowers in the 3 pots are Johnny Jump-Ups and the 2 cute little figurines were our porch decorations for the late summer months (after the 4th of July). I will post the porch Holiday decorations through out the next year. Please check back in and see the Thanksgiving decorations...