Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Miss Mongoose"
Ray has spent the last few months constructing the Miss Mongoose in his garage and finally it is time to launch this historical event. After much calculating and planning the "Miss Mongoose" is on her way to make a maiden voyage in the Ryderwood Lake. Her paddles and rudder were constructed by Ray as well as the whole hull and the ballast was calculated to hold Ray so she didn't roll over and sink!
The fit was perfect, over the bridge we go. Have about 2" on each side.

The launching of "Miss Mongoose".
She was made from a used Mongoose bicycle frame with handmade paddles handcranked by using the pedals.
Pretty cool idea if you ask me.

Launch of the "Miss Mongoose".

Ok Cook's Champagne to toast the christening of "The Mongoose".

Kathe is christening the "Miss Mongoose" with some Champagne. (unfortunately, she just poured the champagne on Ray's seat where he has to sit during his maiden voyage)... It's the thought that counts......

The Cook's Champagne was poured into the "elite champagne glasses" and ready to toast the launching of "Miss Mongoose"

We toast to the launching of the "MISS MONGOOSE"! May you float in happiness and find safe harbors!!

Off we go. ~ It floats!! Yippee!

Oh my, let's get this rudder in place so I can steer this thing.

Whee away we go... (can't believe this thing floats!!)

Getting close to shore!!

Wow that was almost as fun as riding a bull....except this lever between my legs needs to be moved to a safer place.

Land... at last.

Almost back on shore, the rutter is almost stuck in the muck but it was a successful launch and ride around the lake.

Uff and out of the water...

One last huff and puff and she is back on shore!

Now that Miss Mongoose is back on land Ray goes to get the wheelbarrow to haul her back home....hopefully they can figure out how to get it back on tha trailer....

So how are they going to get this 125 pound boat up on this wheelbarrow?

We'll huff and we'll puff and we'll get Miss Mongoose back on her wheelbarrow trailer...

WOW ~ they did it back on the wheelbarrow for the ride back home.
Now that is super good work...

Where is Cally? She's hiding in the tall grass surrounding the lake Can you see her?

All the above Male Muscle Work was fueled by Testoderm TTS....
(Kathe is a nurse and brought this 'bag' filled with Champagne plastic glasses to celebrate the Launch).

Friday, September 25, 2009

The granddaddy of them all. This pumpkin is huge. Please check in for our Halloween porch pix and later the Autumn Show and Octoberfest in Chehalis, WA.

Allan's little pumpkin seeds grew to these 13 large and "perfect" pumpkins

Darlene and Rob in front of their Cadillac which they will drive back to Phoenix, AZ for the winter.

Darlene, Allan's Ex-sister-in-law. She is a beautiful woman, (bad pix of her). She and Rob are living in AZ now and stopped for a visit on their way back to Phoenix area where they will spend the winter. We adore Darlene and happy to have her and Rob stop for a sleep-over on their way south.

This is Rob, Darlene's Beau.

Al 'always' makes German Pancakes for our overnight guests. This is Rob starting to devour his pancake. Still needs to add the cinnamon and sugar, then roll it up and drizzle with syrup and then sprinkle on powdered sugar and WOW... ~~ YUM-O!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Oregon Coast!!
Come and check out my trip to the Oregon Coast with my dear friend, Shirley. She and I have known each other for many, many years and she (unfortunately) now lives in Michigan but is currently on her way to spend the winter in Arizona... Washington is not the direct route to AZ but she loves the ocean and knows that I will be a supportive friend and go with her....not that she needs anyone to go with her... She is definitely a very independent woman.

This is the road down to an area almost underneath the Bridge in Newport. There are gorgeous views and a very nice 'stop-over'.

The Newport Jetty~~

After reading about whale watching, we decided to check out the places where the whales have been seen this summer, which is later in this BLOG.

Look above the kiosk and you will see the jetty to the Pacific Ocean.

Great place to stop and find out about the Oregon geology and history.

Some educational information

Lookout for 'whatever'. Tsunami's or Whales or something.

Like any tourist area, here we have the "Aquarium Village Antique & Collectibles Mall"... We decided to pass on this one!!

Oregon State University is very active
with ocean projects in and around Newport. and you will be taken to the web page of this extremely educational exhibit and definitely worth the time to visit!

Newport's Harbor

Yes, this is the place!!!!
Rogue Ale's Headquarters!!
Newport, Oregon~~~~

On our way to Rogue Ale to have a pint of Dead Guy Ale which is my favorite microbeer! Don't let the name scare you. It is definitely just another YUM-O!

The Lookout at Cape Foulweather's Gift Shoppe and a super whale watching spot.

Here is where we sat to watch the whales and what a super view we had. The water was an incredible blue and the weather on this September day was perfect.

Let 'er Blow! We had heard that there were a number of whales that had been spending the summer in the Newport waters and all that wait was worth it. We sat on a bench and just kept watching the whale antics. The little water spout in the water is from a whale.