Monday, May 18, 2009

Washington State beach on the Pacific Ocean. We will be staying in a motel close to the beach and taking our dog, Cally to see the ocean, play in the sand, water and hopefully she will have a great time too. Our motel is on a beach that is not this rocky but a large, flat beach which is perfect for a game of frisbee or tennis ball fetch. We are sure hoping for good weather.

This is all part of our Washington State mini-vacation
and when we get home I will post our Carson travel pix.

Pacific Beach, Washington sand sculptures; or is it a REAL MERMAID?

One morning we'll be having breakfast at Lake Quinault Lodge which is in the Olympic National Forest and right in the middle of the Hoh Rain Forest!

Too bad we aren't takin' our fishing poles.

We will be visiting and hiking in the Hoh Rain Forest! Then check out the next pix for our last night on our mini-vacation...

We'll have dinner at a restaurant in town where they believe the rose is the symbol of perfection behind every meal created! No wonder I liked it last time we dined there.
A view from our room where we will be staying on our last night of our mini-vacaton. So keep checking our blog for real pictures from our trip which I will be posting soon...

We saw this brand new foal running around in this field kicking up his/her heels and just having a really fun time when we drove by a few days ago. This is just about 6 miles from our home. I just love the Spring foals ~

Our friends Don and Robin came for an afternoon visit on Saturday. We have known them since about 1998 and over the last few years we have met up with them numerous times in Arizona during our winter travels. Then while traveling back home after my family reunion in 2006 we ran into them again in Lakewood, New Mexico. We plan to meet them for breakfast the last morning of our trip around Washington State.

South side of our property, looking west at the stump of our redwood tree. We turned it into a flower display which will grow all summer.

Picture of our flowers that grow here every Spring ~ and even more grew this year!

Looking East at our Redwood tree.

Our neighbors Hank and Joyce lost their storage shed last winter from the heavy snowfall. Hank took it down and now has a great garden. He constructed this fence (on the left) to hold back our deer and rabbits from having their dinner in his garden. One of those tomatoes is mine!!
The framed off dirt area is Al's "Pico Garden". He plans to plant Halloween pumpkins and sunflowers. We'll see how it does.

Our new flower bed Al built last Fall..

Columbine flowers on each side of our house along with our crane.

Chimney on house next door. Every year a 'family' of birds make this their home...and again, we have baby birds born in this chimney. They are 'chirping' every morning and soon we will be able to see their little beaks. I think they are sparrows!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

HOWARD, THE EASTER BUNNY AND MARILYN They are such a cute couple.. Came over for a Ham Dinner on Easter (see the bunny peeking out between them?) We had a super time.
Then a few weeks later they came over for Appetizers and a 'sneak preview' of the new movie I bought for Al; "M IS FOR MISSISSIPPI". A trip down Hwy 49 & Hwy 65 where the Blues were born with many of the old Blues guys and old Juke Joints and lots of front porches.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Al and I Wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day ~
Please check back to my Blog for our travels later this month.

Went on a walk around our lake and guess what? We have babies again this year. We saw 5 little fluffs of yellow feathers and will watch them grow up. They show up every year.

'Volunteer' flowers that come up in our back yard. Great color planning for Spring. I love these.

What a great dog our Cally is and does she ever like the frisbee and loves to chase balls and retrieve them, but she also loves to play with the empty milk carton. Loves to entertain herself!! She is very happy now as she had her "nails done" and feels much better.




Some front porch spring decorations!

The Guest of Honor ~ Mr. Turkey

A different angle picture of our Alder Smoked Turkey that Al cooked. Geesh it was FAB.

Jeffrey and Marti came from Portland to spend Saturday night with us. It is always fun to spend time with them and all I do is laugh when Jeffrey is around, he should have been on stage.

Marti is taking Al's "I Love Ryderwood" button to give to Jeffrey. Those guys are really great friends and have known each other since the 70's when beer at the "Goose Hollow Inn" (their favorite 'haunt') was .25 cents a glass.

Marti and Jeffrey brought us this fantastic bottle of Brut Champagne. Just like any great commercial she looks like she is really enjoying it!
The real story is she is the designated "take care of Jeffrey" person, so just like a designated driver ~ she 'almost' doesn't drink.

Marti is making sure Jeffrey gets his "I LOVE RYDERWOOD" Button.

Dear Jeffrey~ really studying his camera..

"Gee guys, how does this thing work again?"

This, our most recent drive, I could not help but take another picture of the majestic Mt. Rainier covered with a blanket of snow from the winter season. Also, I had to take pictures of these signs for our friends in Mississippi. I thought they would appreciate the name of this Road and get a big laugh from it.

Mayfield Lake Park ~ Great place to play, swim & camp.

Road leading to lakeside campsites.

Al's Favorite site. He plans are to take his tent and camp here for 3 nights later this summer where he can sleep right next to the lake. It is a gorgeous site.

DeGoede Bulb Farm & Gardens is our traditional Spring Fling stop to see all of their new flowers ~ what's in, how the tulips are doing and what's blooming. They are located in Mossyrock, WA. and have been there for years.