Friday, August 31, 2007

Sunset in the desert outside Parker, AZ. Pretty amazing, huh?

The Highway Department calls them "Dips".. I call them "Whoop-de-doos".
A better picture is coming up...
They are fun to drive over and I do remember when I was younger and traveling with my parents, I would ask them "are we at the stomach bouncers yet?".
Funny what we remember!

We drove towards Parker, AZ on this road built with what I call "Whoop-de-doo's". The reason the highway was built this way is to help keep the sand from drifting on to the roads.

The huge "P" in this mountain is for Parker, AZ.

OOPS ~ I am having a CRS Disease attack right now, because I think her name is Mavis but can't remember for sure. She is a real desert lover and a very nice lady.... She was parked in same area as the Boomers and was our neighbor.

Karen and Sherry who are two Boomer's, along with their husband's who were parked near us at Parker, AZ.

This was my beautiful red rose Al gave me for Valentine's Day, 2006.

Lake Havasu, Arizona

While in Lake Havasu City, AZ., we 'dined' at this fabulous China Buffet restaurant. It is located very close to the "London Bridge".

This is actually someone's driveway in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

This is one side of our 5th wheel that Al took apart to look for dry rot....
I should have put a picture of our rig 'all fixed' at the end of these few pictures but I forgot...OOPS sorry...
The end of this story turns out really well, Al got it all fixed with the help of some great RV friends.

When we were coming across the country, we noticed some dry rot in one corner of our 5th wheel. Unfortunately, we had no place to work on the rig until we found a friend who has a nice, flat place for us to park while fixing this problem. This is after Al 'opened' up the corner and looked...yup there was dry rot.

My dear 2nd cousin once removed, Monica and her grandmother, Mary.
Monica's grandfather is my 1st cousin once removed... which means that his father and my grandfather were brothers.
My grandfather was the oldest of 11 and his father was the youngest.

Two of Monica's three children. Sorry for the blurred picture but they are so cute I just had to post this anyway...

Looking down to Monica in her foyer from the inside balcony.
This is a large gorgeous Mediterranean style home and I am so happy for her and her family.

Living Room with gorgeous tile floor.

Tile stairs leading to 2nd floor off the Foyer.


Swimming Pool located off the bedrooms.

Game room..

Formal Dining Room

Family room.

Wine Cellar (it had a chilled section and a non chilled section).

This is just one of the 'hallways' with all those closets !

Workout room

Main section of Monica's bedroom....
Sitting area on other side of her beautiful massive bedroom.

Huge 'sitting area' in Monica's bedroom.

Monica's Master Bathroom
can't see the huge bathtub.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is a typical sunset in ARIZONA. They are incredible and unbelieveable. This is just about the exact color of the sky. Living in Oregon/Washington all my life I was in awe over these.

The next few pictures are from when we went to the MEXICAN REVOLUTION CELEBRATOIN in Algodones. We always have so much fun there and just wish we lived closer so we could go visit more often.

One of our 'many favorite' restaurants in Algodones. It seems like they all have such fun and vibrant colors and we really enjoy the Mexican people.

While having lunch sitting on the balcony of a restaurant in Algodones, we could see the whole street below and there were 2 girls enjoying the Mexican Revolution Parade which just had turned the corner down the street.

Al bought a new hat from this sweet Senorita. He looks pretty happy doesn't he?

Don't know if it is because he likes his hat~ or he likes the sweet Senorita?

Allan is outside his dentist's office in Algodones.
He is smiling as his teeth are little nicer and are a shiny clean. Teeth cleaning is around $25-$30.
His dentist also sells eye glasses and does vision checks. Interesting that this is one-stop shopping ~ he can fix your teeth and fix your vision all in one-stop.

This is one of the prettier Dental Offices
in Algodones.
Don't know quality of work
but the building is pretty.

Mexico can be extremely beautiful with lots of alleys lined with bouganvellia in various shades of red, pink, purple. These flowers were everywhere and the fragrance is incredible.
Allan just loves these flowers as they remind him of Hawaii.

One of the many restaurants where we ate in Algodones..... Some of the employees were carrying this banner in the Mexican Revolution Parade as they celebrate their independence from us.

In the Mexican Revolution Parade as the Mexican Flag went by, these Mexican men on this balcony took off their hats and 'soluted' their flag in this way....
Very interesting.

Mexican man in full dress.... This was during the parade and celebrations in town.
The Mexican people sure know how to put on a party.

Algodones and surrounding town's school girls marching in the Mexican Revolutionary Parade, November, 2006.
We watched from both the street and the restaurant where we had lunch. It was great fun.