Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dr. Elroy A. Briggs ~ my dad!  This picture is from U. S. Grant High School's 1929-1930 yearbook.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This is just part of the NEW D.N.R. Band of Ryderwood, WA.  They were definitely a hit at the 3rd Annual Ryderwood Blues Festival!!  Check this out!!
Left to right ~ Howard Replogle, Daddy Tree Tops (Guest), Bob Valet (hiding in the drums) and Jerre Bullen. 

TOP:  AL CARSON.......

Al and Daddy Tree Tops opening act for the 3rd Annual Ryderwood Blues Concert. This year, Al decided that there are so many wonderful Blues players in town that everyone would enjoy hearing a variety of talent.  I am sure this is a true statement.  At the end there was a jam session with many of the performers and it was fabulous.

TOP:  Al and Terry having fun playing some Blues!

Terry Teschner playing his Washtub Bass.  Made out of a large wash tub, an oar and a crutch... He sure played lots of wonderful music..  His main instrument is the piano that he plays blues, country-western, rock n' roll and most anything else you would want to hear.

DADDY TREE TOPS was the guest artist and he did an awesome job.  He is extremely talented and has a band in the Seattle, Port Townsend, WA called the HOWLIN' TOM CATS and is one of the top players in that area plus has a large following in Montana and Portland, Oregon where he frequently travels.  He has been a great friend of Al Carson's since the 1980's 

Jerre Bullen a fabulous musician who plays a wonderful variety of music on his guitar. He alone can put on a super show using his talents with the guitar and then adding instrumentals to sound like a full orchestra.  (THIS IS IN LAYMAN'S TERMS).  He was also the audio person for the Blues concert and always does a great job highlighting making sure each performer is heard to the best of his ability. 
Howard Replogle who was a great addition with his harmonica to all three of Jerre's songs.  He carried the songs and everyone in the audience truly enjoyed his talent. (*again, sorry for the dark photos)

Top pix: Bob Valet our incredible Ryderwood drummer who was happy to get back to the drums after a long hiatus from a 20+ year professional career as a drummer for Rock n' Roll bands.  He was awesome!  (sorry for the dark picture).
Boone (Above) extremely talented musician who is a tremendous Bass Guitar player.

Alan (Above) who plays the guitar, mandolin and a truly talented entertainer.

Dirk and Betsy with their 2 cute doggies (I only have pix of one) on May 28, 2011 on their way North.  We served them dinner and had just an awesome time (we always do!)  They were happy to stay here at 'CARSON'S BEER, BED AND BREAKFAST'.

Italian Caprese Salad, Roasted Fresh Spring Asparagus, Matt Lauer's Favorite, Mediterrean Chicken Marbella and for dessert Swedish Apple Pie with French Vanilla Ice Cream. (not shown)