Monday, July 25, 2011

Welcome to Cougar, Washington...
Travel with us as we explore a few more places in Washington.

Cougar, Washington has the best ol' Bar and Grill with an incredible French Dip....YUM-O!
And Al was extremely impressed with their Fish & Chips too not to mention their great selection of Microbeers!

I just had to post this picture without any others to emphasize (highlight) what this building really is.  This is actually the Ariel Tavern where the infamous D.B. Cooper supposedly landed after he jumped out of a jet with his embezzled $200,000.00..... He was never found (they did find some dollar bills in the Columbia River but no way the whole loot). Every year the Ariel Tavern (in Aerial, Washington) has the D.B. Cooper Days...

Thought I would post picture of both ingress and egress through the covered bridge.  The Grist Mill is located on the Lewis River in Woodland, Washington area..

Waterfall at top is the water flowing above the Grist Mill and the bottom pix was taken looking down out the window of the mill to the water coming out from underneath the building....

Top to bottom:  Sign at the Grist Mill telling a little about the operation and restoration of this 1876 building, pencil drawing of Grist Mill, close up colored picture of mill and then the picture I took from the Covered Bridge.

The Grist Mill is only open on Saturdays and Sundays but if near by it is a fun place to visit, very interesting and educational.  They grind and sell different flours.....Bread flour, pancake flour, corn meal and you can donate $ if you want but it is not required.  

We drove down this steep hill to the Lewis River (close to Merwin Dam).  This area is so pretty and excellent fishing!!  Wish I had a fishin' pole!!!

Thought I would post other pix of our 'family'. Cally Lilly our pound rescue Border Collie who just loves to be on our front porch, looking for stray little friends (chipmunks, kitties, raccoons, deer, rabbits) ~ You name it and they are here.  The porcupines seem to stay closer to the woods, not coming into town, thank goodness.
Our adorable kitty is Samantha Jane (we call her Sami) and she turned 20 years old last March.  She has a little growth in the corner of her right eye, VET checked it out and not cancer!!!!
We are so fortunate to have such fabulous 'family members' as these two!

We change our porch decor every holiday and this is our 4th of July porch decor!!!  Pretty fun!
Those things in the window look like gummy bears!  I love my house!

I can't believe I grew these!!! Gorgeous if I do say so myself....

What a Great 4th of July we all those old cars...There were lots of them made in the same era as our town.  Pretty Cool...