Saturday, March 31, 2007

This is Cabella's Headquarters as we zipped by on the freeway...We had missed the exit so obviously we missed Cabella's....although we did see a number of other Cabella's on our trip.
Now we are heading thru Wyoming and on to Nebraska....
This was the longest day Allan drove and it was 360 miles..... Posted by Picasa

This is what they call J.C. Penney Company's
"Mother Store". (as you will see there was another real lst store but this is the one in operation now)....
I really wanted to see the Penney's lst Store as this is definitely history...all started and located in Kemmerer, WY. Posted by Picasa

This is inside J.C. Penney's Mother Store in Kemmerer, WY. This contraption was used to send money upstairs to the credit department.
I personally remember this kind of contraption in one of the Fred Meyer stores in Portland, Oregon where I grew up.
I really thought that these were all gone...but it still is in operation today. Posted by Picasa

This building was J.C. Penney's first store location..
Kemmerer, WY. Posted by Picasa

This is Little America, Wyoming and the Gift Shop, Restaurant and Registration building. This is an enormous Truck Stop, but we spent the night here in this parking lot along with about 20 other rigs.... Posted by Picasa

Fuel tanks at Little America Truck Stop, Little America, Wyoming.... Posted by Picasa

This is my lst Real Wyoming Cowboy I found.
His name is Blaine...
Pretty good, huh? Posted by Picasa

We stopped at a Rest Area and there were lots of tiny chipmunks...They came over to check out my red toenails....thought it might be dinner. Posted by Picasa

Old Homestead in Wyoming....think they need 'curb appeal'? Posted by Picasa

Old 'home on the prairie' in Wyoming plains. Posted by Picasa

Old 'forgotten' homestead in Wyoming. Posted by Picasa

I LOVE BISON..... Just something about their majestic stance and the history of the Buffalo...
Glad he didn't 'charge'...... (will probably get 'comments' on this picture) Posted by Picasa

Brass Buffalo Saloon and the Smuggler's Restaurant at Terry Bison Ranch, Cheyenne, WY. We had Bison Burgers here for dinner and did park our rig in the Boondocking area. Spent one night here and did see some bison (my favorite animal). Posted by Picasa

Buffalo on Terry Bison Ranch, Cheyenne,WY Posted by Picasa

We saw 'some' buffalo but none quite as close as this one.....
Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam...

Oh Molly ~~~ ? Posted by Picasa

Ostrich on Terry Bison Ranch .... one of many 'other' animals besides the Bison. Posted by Picasa

Buffalo Bill's home at Buffalo Bill Ranch State Hist. Park outside Hershey, NE.
 Posted by Picasa

This is the span of this arch over I-80 which is to the left of where I am standing. There are numerous displays of pioneer life when you get to the top of the inside escalator and 'walk into the covered wagon' to enter pioneer life.
Quite an award winning attraction. Cost $11.00 per person (Sept. 2006). Posted by Picasa

We are in Kearney, Nebraska at "The Great Platte River Road Archway Monument", I-80, Exit 272. Check it out at
As you ascend the escalator, imagine that you are a pioneer leaving your home to embark on a journey west by Covered Wagon. Your first stop is Ft. Kearney, midway across the U.S. then back on the trail where Chimney Rock looms in the distance. Well, this monument tells the whole story.
It actually spans I-80 and was quite an undertaking to move this huge span into place.
If traveling east on I-80 take exit 272, because there is no exit further east and you would have to turn around and go back to see keep your eyes open. Posted by Picasa

NOT OUR mode of transportation for this trip. It was also on the grounds of the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument (along with Molly's bison). Posted by Picasa

Molly loves her Bison. Posted by Picasa

Official Dannebrog Sign.
We made it after quite a number of years and numerous "Sunday Morning" with Roger Welsch's "Postcards From Nebraska" shows. Posted by Picasa

Sign when entering Dannebrog which was founded by Danish Pioneers and home to Roger Welsch (which was not on the sign). Roger Welsch was the CBS "Sunday Morning" newscaster who appeared monthly with his series
"Postcards From Nebraska". Al and I would lay in bed every Sunday morning and watch Roger's fabulous stories about the town and the people in Dannebrog. Al and I both agreed that "if we are ever close to Nebraska, we would stop by and see Dannebrog and the people" this is what we did. Dannebrog was one of our destinations on the way to my family reunion. We spent one night there. Wanted to stay in the town Park but there were so many acorn trees and it was FALL, and the acorns were falling on the tin roofs of the outbuildings and all we heard was 'BANG', 'BANG', and were afraid our solar panel would be 'hit', so we actually parked our 5th wheel on Main Street across from the Post Office.
The Postmaster said we definitely could stay there and it was very peaceful and no acorns! Posted by Picasa

Dannebrog's water tower painted with the Danish flair.
I could not help notice all the birds. Posted by Picasa

This is the 'LIAR'S HALL OF FAME' that is filled with 'jokester stuff' mailed to Roger Welsch. Al is showing off some of the jokester items, along with Gaylord Mickelson, Curator of the "museum". He was a 'kick' and when he showed us some of the items he laughed and laughed. Gotta have a super sense of humor to 'work' there..The whole 2 rooms of the building were filled with 'jokester stuff' and more arriving daily. Posted by Picasa