Thursday, October 29, 2009


Al and I hope you have fantastic trick or treats and wish you a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

The twins Zeke and Zork ~ "Oh my Gawd, dude, whatcha doin'?"
"Getting rid of all that candy I ate Zeke...UGH!"
So boys and girls have a safe and sane Halloween but don't gorge yourself with all that candy or you will end up like poor Zork!

I think this guy looks mean to me.. That is because I posted him beneath the pumpkin that got 'sick'... Oh how gross!

Our Happy, Laughing Baby Blue Eyed Pumpkin.

Our Halloween Front Porch!
Please notice my friend Howard's beautiful creation of a gorgeous bigger, nicer and prettier wooden shelf on which to display my Holiday Goodies.

2nd Annual Fall "Fun At The Hall" Variety Show pix follows.

This is our famous couple Sonny and Cher (Joanne & Guy) who performed at our show.. They did one fantastic job... WOW they were great.

This is my very handsome husband Al our resident Bluesman. He entertained all of us as well as did other musicians, storytellers, pianists, soloists and a wonderful fashion show. We were very fortunate so also be entertained by the famous Sonny and Cher ~ above.

Jerre our resident great Rock n' Roll entertainer.

We were more than delighted to have the beautiful and infamous "Ryderwood Divas" serenade us.

We in Ryderwood, were happy to be some of the first to see the new lines of next year's summer collection from various very famous designers.
The lighting was really dark so I didn't get good pictures of all the 'beautiful' new designs.
Above you will see, being modeled by Joanne and Guy, the very expensive "Double Knit". This is definitely a fabric that will never go out of style.

My pictures were pretty dark as I was not close to the stage but I just adored this one... "Brushed Polyester Fabric" covered with brushes of all sizes and colors.

Barb is wearing the never going out of style famous "Sack Dress".

This is our adorable Delphine wearing her lovely "Print" Dress (which was made out of newspaper 'print').

Another Ryderwood resident is modeling a very fashionable business suit called the infamous "Pin Stripe Suit". His suit consisted of safety pins pinned in straight rows throughout the entire ensemble in other words from head to toe.

Ron a Ryderwood resident is wearing a "cotton shirt" paired with "balloon pants".
(Actually he had balls of "cotton" attached to his shirt and "balloons" attached to his slacks.)
The one picture I wish would have turned out was the controversial Fur Coat ~ perfectly big boughs of a local FIR Tree draped over the shoulders of a gorgeous blonde.
The Style Show was a huge success and lots of fun.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

MT. RAINIER is one of our major mountains in Washington State. As we travelled northeast from our little home we passed this massive dormant volcano. Travel with us as we explore some old towns and fun spots in the State.

Buckley, Washington and
Maple Valley, Washington both cute towns at the base of Mt. Rainier!!

Passed over Tiger Mountain

Could this be Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks is really
North Bend, Washington
The building was built in 1941 by Roy Thompson, and is still owned today by members of the family. As Thompson's Cafe, it saw World War II, the depression, and the boom of the timber industry. In the 1950's the business changed hands and became known as the Mar-T Cafe, continuing to be a regular stop for over the mountain pass travelers and locals. Then in 1990, on a scouting trip to find a location for his new movie/pilot/series, David Lynch found the setting of this cafe and further the whole Snoqualmie Valley, Perfect!! He then filmed the famous TV series "TWIN PEAKS" immortalizing the cafe's cherry pie and the "Damn fine cup of coffee".
Today the cafe is known as "Twede's Cafe" renown for great food, and plenty of it. A fire in the year 2000 closed it down for awhile but the cafe has since been remodeled and is now part of "Historic Downtown North Bend", Washington.

Painting on side of Twin Peaks Cafe advertising their YUM-O Cherry Pies.

Went to the Clymer Museum & Gallery (John Clymer was from Ellensburg, WA) but they would not allow me to take any pictures of his work. I must say it is a wonderful exhibit of his talent.

One rodeo NOT TO MISS is the Ellensburg Rodeo...a must see for all you Rodeo Lovers. We always try to stop at the Chamber Of Commerce at each new town. This stop was a peach as we were directed to the Wind Farm, the Eclectic House on Pearl Street, and the exhibit of John Clymer's illustrations from the covers of the Saturday Evening Post, plus his wildlife paintings.

2nd Annual Ellensburg Wine Festival will repeat last year's "wildly successful" first annual

Ellensburg Wine Festival in downtown Ellensburg on Saturday, May 8, 2010...

A day of wine tasting, musical acts and browing of historical shops will bring new wines and guests from every corner of Washington State and beyond.

What a family~!!! Here is mama all dressed up to go to town or whatever. I just wonder who owns this house and the collection of 'stuff'?
You too can see this by driving to Ellensburg, Washington.

Hubcaps and more hubcaps adorn this out building!!

Yeah ~ What is this place?

Can you believe this?

Front Door!!

The guy loved reflectors, bottle caps, nails and other "creative" art!!

The outside art gallery was never planned but organically grew through the years. There are contributions from 40 other artists creating pop art all around the property with over 1,000's of reflectors over 10,000 bottle caps and a huge amount of just plain STUFF.

These are all reflectors ~ which at night makes it quite obvious there is something here!

The windmills were everywhere all along the top of the hill as far as one could see.
Puget Sound Energy did a great job in making the Wild Horse Wind Facility open to the public for a better understanding of a energy source that will be around for a long time.

This is one of the 3 windmill blades and should have had someone standing next to this so the size would be noticeable.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking up at the ceiling of the Wind Farm... Stay tuned for more incredible pix of Eastern Washington and our trip!

Kristina is the wonderful 'tour guide' for the Wind Farm and she did a wonderful job. She was very knowledgeable about the product and extremely happy to share her information. As you can see the turbine was right outside the window!

At the top of the Wind Farm. There is a huge amount of information about wind farming and turbines and tours are offered two times a day 10:00 and 2:00. Learn about the turbines at a free tour that is definitely worth your time. I truly feel that wind and solar are the way to go in the future.

On our way down from the Wind Farm we spied these crystalin shapes that are the results of slow cooling magma.