Sunday, March 29, 2009

Al and I hope you all have a very Happy Easter

Close-up pix of some of my Easter front porch decorations. As most of you are aware, I decorate our front porch every Holiday..and is very fun project for me.

These are some more close-ups of my Easter front porch.... Just remember to have a very nice Easter.

Al celebrated his 65th birthday and had a really great time. He really appreciated all the cards he received and the very nice wishes from friends and family. We are planning on doing some Birthday traveling when the weather gets nicer. Keep checking back to see where we go...

For a house built in 1923 it's pretty homey.. there is another very large window over the sink with a matching valance. The color of our kitchen is not this bright yellow but more of a cream color, more like behind the double light switch.

Who would have known I could match my kitchen curtains with switchplate covers!! This is just one of a few... makes my kitchen turn into a parisian street.

These are little section pictures of the cafe curtains hanging in our kitchen. This whole section will make more sense now... hopefully. The light switch covers really match and who would have guessed that I could have ever found those?

One of the reasons we love living in Washington State is because of the beauty this area holds.

We can drive only 7 miles from our home and see Mt. St. Helens and just a few more miles we can also see Mt. Rainier. Then on a very clear day we can also see Mt. Baker and by driving just a bit to the south we can see Mt. Hood in is all so AWESOME!!

Hello ~ I am a YARD BIRD!!! While on a 'little drive' in the country recently we saw this very large thing in the parking lot of a huge building in Chehalis, WA. Not knowing what was going on inside the building behind this big funny looking thing we just had to get out and investigate. Come to find out this is the infamous
YARD BIRDS... and birds it was!!

Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird!!!!

This little guy was all voice, and had quite the vocabulary...

This pretty white bird has a gold scarf around her neck ~ I've never seen that before..
So, Al and I kept wondering around and all we kept seeing were birds and more birds and more birds.
Guess that is why they call this place
YARD BIRDS!!!! (Ha-Ha)

Birds and Birds and even more birds...

And Birds and Birds and more Birds!!

No we are not in Texas ~ we are about 8 miles from our home... There are lots of farms here with chickens, pigs, horses, cows and BULLS and that's no Bull!!

Our funny dog, loves to lay on her back with her front legs straight up in the air and she is always smiling. The empty brown bag in the back is Sami's (the cat's) favorite 'cave' where she takes her naps...

This is my new mouse pad and I think it is really cute.

This "Border Collie" of our's should be a "Retriever". She found an old, empty milk carton that is now her favorite toy. It is so much fun to watch her toss it in the air, then go running for it, it bounces, she reaches and grabs, then throws it back in the air. It is left out by this field so she can find it when we go back there. We really enjoy watching her have so much fun (us too!)

I sure hope your St. Patrick's Day was filled with a lot of cheers and maybe even a few Green Beers!!

My 2 cute Leprechauns!