Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shirley and Al 'posing' for a picture.

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Foggy beach.

A beach pull-off and long descent to get down to the sand from Hwy. 101.

We had lunch here and I highly recommend the restaurant ~

YUP ~ This is Shirley and she is the coolest Nana in the World and also one of my coolest and best friends EVER. She loves Thai food as much as I do....
If I ever thought of writing a book of humorous things friends do together she would be the main character....I just love to laugh with Shirley.

Definitely this has to be my absolute favorite of all time... EVER ...

Green Beans with Tofu

It is a triple YUM ~ YUM ~ YUM ~ !!

This was the yummy Chicken Fried Rice...
which we shared.

This was Shirley's Pad Thai ~ YUM !

This is the chef (in hat) and our waitress.

Salty Sea Captain, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Wire sculpture of Lewis & Clark along with Sacajawea pointing the way to the Pacific Ocean in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

We stopped at Hug Point and hoped to find some 'huggers', but..........

This is all we found at HUG POINT....
just one guy hugging no one!

Mighty Pacific Ocean on a relatively calm day.

Hwy 101 as we are nearing
Oswald West State Park in Oregon.

After passing through the tunnel, we exit and find ourselves hugging the cliff , the mighty Pacific Ocean far below us on our right. It is quite a gorgeous sight.
Hwy. 101 only gets better with many more awesome views.

We had such a great time in Cannon Beach but decided to continue south to check out Nehalem. Unfortunately the drive to Tillamook and the
Tillamook Cheese Factory was a bit too far for this trip.

Nehalem, Oregon is a delightful beach community on the Nehalem Bay.
There are quite a few adorable shops along Main Street and worth a stop...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Seaside, Oregon's downtown mural. Seaside has a long history of
"The Fun Oregon Beaches Along Hwy. 101".

Visit often for more of Shirley and my travels down Hwy 101.. Allan was such a dear ~ he stayed home to build and install a new south wall on our front porch.

Seaside, Oregon and the
Pacific Ocean

Newly built vacation rental units facing Main Street on the left, the Shilo Inn on the right and the famous 'Seaside Turnaround' at the end of the street with the ocean past that.

Ocean front Condo's, Motels, Apartments and further down the boardwalk are privately owned homes in Seaside, Oregon.

Guys 'chasing' the girls on the Quad bicycle.... and the girls had no idea they were being 'followed'...

Girls on quad bicycle in downtown Seaside, Or.

Stopped in Seaside, Oregon which is a beach
community that caters to High School and College students....
I definitely was one of those but many years ago.

The "Mouth of the Columbia River" is out of sight in this picture, sorry not a big enough zoom lense.
I took this picture from the Meglar Bridge. Some days one can see the white color of the huge ocean waves.

We are descending into Astoria from the Meglar bridge
high above Astoria's main street.

Those with 'fear of heights' just close your eyes.

We are at the top of the Oregon side of the Meglar Bridge...sorry for the bridge rails
interferring with this picture of the
Yacht Club and Port of Astoria below.
Many of our friends fear traveling over this bridge because of it's heighth and length but
after a few 'passes' it gets better.

On the Meglar Bridge which spans the 2 states of Washington into Oregon has a steep incline on the Oregon side. This enables the 1,000's of Ocean liners of all kinds to passby the bridge and head up the Columbia River to places such as Longview, WA. to pick up logs to be used in Japan, or PORTLAND, OREGON to attend the Famous Rose Festival which happens every June.

Washington side of the 4 mile bridge that crosses the "mighty Columbia River" to Astoria, Oregon.

We left the Peninsula and passed by this old Church on the banks of the Famous
Columbia River.

HUGE Calla Lillies from our neighbor's yard.
I would post a picture of our old house but because of a fire which destroyed a large portion of the house it does not look very inhabitable right now.
So... Shirley and I did not stay long in our old Surfside neighborhood.

Lovely Rhododendrons growing
at our ex-neighbor's home.
"This is to all my beach friends just to
let you all know that Shirley and I did
not have lots of time to visit those who
we did not see. (Really only saw Gladys and Helen in my old neighborhood), and will visit others next time when Al will be with me."

Meet our ex-neighbor, Gladys.
She is a very positive, helpful and endearing person.
What a wonderful lady she is.

This always was our first sight of the Pacific Ocean just over a hill
on the way to our old house in Surfside.

This sign is strung over the main road that goes through Long Beach, Washington advertising the famous
in Ocean Park, Wa.

Heading to Long Beach Peninsula, WA.
This is NOT a Shell fuel endorsement!!!

Lovely Willapa Bay island....
the colors of blue and green are Grand.

Willapa Bay rises and lowers with the tides and it can quickly become extremely dangerous for boaters not understanding the tide tables. I have seen many boats stuck on sand bars until the tide came in again....

Finally we reached the tide pools of Willapa Bay.

Teal Slough is one of the many Sloughs in area.

We passed numerous Sloughs and Tide Pools.

We followed the Naselle River til we again met up with Willapa Bay.

Hwy. 101 bridge crossing the Naselle River.

The intersection heading to the Long Beach Peninsula where we use to live.
I love to post these wonderful pictures of the luscious greenery here in Washington and the all our hills growing the large PACIFIC NORTHWEST
trees. It is gorgeous and I never lose my love of this area.

Washington State has luscious greenery which goes with the many RV Parks .
Bruceport Campground is on Hwy 101.
It sits above Willapa Bay and is the home to numerous interesting animals...
i.e. pigs and peacocks that roam around the grounds.

There are lots of Oyster processing plants along Willapa Bay and Willapa River.

Sure have gorgeous Rhodies here.

The sign says it well.

Pacific County Courthouse...
The magnificient windows in the ceiling are incredible.