Monday, August 23, 2010

This is the Star of the show (if you ask me).
MR. AL CARSON (Bluesman)


The man in the middle is Jay the manager of the Goble Tavern and the other two at that table are part of the audience, as well as the bikers sitting at the table behind Jay.

Al and Daddy Tree Tops on stage at the Goble Warming in Goble, Oregon. It was a very successful gig and both Al and Trees played extremely well!! They also served a BBQ meal, a hot dog with chips or pork with grilled asparagus !! We all had a great time and the weather was perfect.

My Blues man AL CARSON belting out the Blues at the Goble Warming on Aug 21, 2010 at the Goble Tavern, Goble, Oregon.

The Famous Daddy Tree Tops on the Bass guitar.
Check out his 'MY SPACE' page
Daddy Tree Tops is very talented in many different styles of music including Blues, Rock n' Roll, Country, Soft Jazz etc., and plays Guitar, Stand-up Bass, Piano etc. He is one heck of a musician.

As this guy got closer, he embraced Al and gave him a huge bear hug. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the camera out fast enough to capture that and only got this picture after the embrace dissolved.
Guess he liked Al's Blues!!!!

There was this huge display of tie-dyed 'things' for sale. I had no idea there were so many different 'things' to tie-dye....
It was all pretty wild and very colorful. I had to remember that there were quite a few Biker Chicks there and one never knows what they might purchase

Part of a small area set aside for some vendors with lots of beads, jewelry & twirly things to go along with the tie-dyed clothing and stuff.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jerre Bullen, Al's good friend, from our home town who came to support Allan at the Goble Warming. It is pretty wonderful to have Blues friends who support each other and attend their gigs and was the first person we saw when entering the front door of the Goble Tavern. Pretty neat.

Al's pointing reminds me of the Lewis & Clark signs that we see all around this area on Lewis & Clark Trail Highway signs.. but this is not L&C it is Al and Pam.. they worked together at the Job Corps in Oregon and Al was a teacher and Pam was one of the Counselors'. She now is helping the students find jobs in Landscaping, Painting, and I believe the food industry *(but I could be mistaken here) . Al and Pam have remained friends over the years and when I met Pam I instantly adored her too... She is definitely a keeper.

What a dear person she is... her name is Pam and she worked with Al when he taught at Job Corps. Pam works with students who are training to be painters, gardeners, I think in the food industry and whatever else she told me... having more Senior Moments. Pam is really a grand human being and a great friend of ours.

Jackie is Pam's friend who was here about 10 years ago and has moved back to Oregon.

BLIND ROOTIN' HOGS aka Guy Live & Miz Mary! Guy has many talents as he is also the 'sound man' and the main reason for this Goble Warming Celebration. He has a musical instrument repairing business just about a block away from Goble Tavern and also is a Professional Magician and I can say that when he came over to our table he performed a few magic tricks on us and WOW my mouth remained open in AWE through his entire 'performance'
Check out his web page and join him EVERY Sunday afternoon at 4:00 at the Goble Tavern, Goble Oregon for his magic won't be sad you did... He's good!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This is Al's pumpkin patch, just a growing away... when I woke this a.m. and took a look at the 'crop' it has now grown well up and into our back RV lot as well as into our back yard.. I am hoping that Jack will be here to try to find the bean stock in our pumpkins. They are taking over!!!
Will keep you posted.
Signed: Father Nature Al (because he pollinated quite a few of these flowers himself).. and can't leave out good ol' Mother Nature Molly

Monday, August 09, 2010

Yesterday, Guy and Joanne came over so Guy could play his harmonica with Al and dear Joanne brought me some more Sweet Peas. These were not the wild ones and the smell was phenomenal like nothing I can remember. I am definitely planting Sweet Peas in our yard for next year... and thank you so much, Joanne.

We went back to the Hawaiian Island Cafe for dinner.. the Luau Plate, Lau Lau, Kaluha Pork, Lomi Lomi Salmon, Kim Chi, Poke, Traditional Hawaiian Macaroni Salad, Rice... also included Coffee Ice Cream Cake for dessert. This brings back wonderful memories.

Klondike Hotel, St. Helens and definitely a place where we are going to go for an evening dinner..
Dining room in the next picture.

Dining room at Klondikes Restaurant, St.Helens, Oregon
Great boat on ceiling in Bar of Klondike Restaurant, St. Helens, Ore.

We needed to get our car washed and found this great car wash in St. Helens. It was **$11.00 for the 'super do' which we got and our car looked fabulous when done. This new business is really trying and they gave us the $11.00 wash for $5.00 as we were a new customer. Yup we got a great car wash for $5.00 + we spent $6.00 on the vacuum so our car was REALLY CLEAN.

We saw gorgeous lavender and other pretty flowers on our trip around the Island. There is a lavender farm that we drove by but seemed to be closed..

One of the fun things to do on Sauvie Island is checking out the Corn Maze.. really a fun thing to do...

We drove around the Island and found Reeder Beach.. being from Portland, Oregon, I always had heard of Reeder Beach and was fun to visit it.

While driving around Sauvie Island we saw lots of fun house boats, boats, and then we saw this Sternwheeler.. Pretty cool.

Wonderful soil to plant these veggies in. Can't get any better than Sauvie Island soil.

Kruger's Farm is very well known for having great vegetables with superior quality... We bought some fabulous very large Green Lake green beans, Kohlrabi, 2 HUGE Beef Steak tomatoes, small tender zucchini, and some greens. WOW sure wish they were closer.

We ventured over the Bridge to Sauvie Island to check out all the incredible fruits and vegetables they are famous for. We were not disappointed.

After my Dr. appointment we decided to stay over in Portland for a night. Kind of a mini-vacation plus we are trying to build points for a free stay at one of the La Quinta Inns ~ they accept dogs for FREE... On a retirement budget, FREE, is good.

Front of this La Quinta Inn, right in NW Portland.. (*for those who know Portland one would not think that NW would have a nice hotel....but here it is..
Good enough for us...

Our room ~ King size Bed which always is a nice!