Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Easter Bunny flag is flying at our home and he is waiting for the eggs to be colored and the baskets to be filled. Oh what a fun time and we will always remember what the real Easter is all about.
Our cute little Easter front porch decorations.

Al is holding up our St. Patrick's Day flag that flew from our house before the Holiday and during. It sure brightened up the front of our house.

Our St. Patrick's Day front porch decorations. We love holidays.

Sign on side of building to announce this wonderful Restaurant. The whole experience there was SUPER-DUBER... We definitely will go back there anytime and hope to have that chance once again.

Beautiful mural on wall

Great dinner and superior Saki and it was their "house Saki". YUM-O!!!
We did have a sushi dinner our first night in town at ICHIKAWA, a highly rated restaurant near the Ferry Landing in Port Townsend, which was very good. We got the 24 piece sushi which included Fresh Water Eel, Salt Water Eel, Octopus, Yellowfin tuna, Ahi Tuna, Scallop, Blue Fin Tuna, Bass, Halibut, Cod, 2 kinds of Clam, Snapper, Mackeral, Red Salmon, Wasabi Sauce, Pickled Ginger. It was very good. I LOVE SUSHI!! I didn't get a picture of this dinner (forgot camera).

My handsome man waiting for that awesome Japanese food to be delivered to our table (or maybe he's thirsty and waiting for the Sake!!!)
Please notice the full moon high up in the sky and it is just like the one on the Japanese flag.....or is it just a reflection of the overhead lighting ?

There were three of these Spring Rolls on the plate. We were told that they didn't turn out 'perfect' so they gave us three in stead of the two we paid for. Definitely would order both of these again.

Tempura Vegetables served with a wonderful large bowl of Pho and it was YUM-O!

The Bar at The Belmont, Port Townsend, WA. has been completely remodeled and is gorgeous. The rooms are also and the dining room is definitely a fine dining experience. We didn't eat there this time but next???

We had a cute 'little cubby hole~eagle's nest' space in the bar overlooking the dining room below with a fantastic view of the Sound in The Belmont Hotel.

The Food Co-Op in Port Townsend is an extremely popular place it is very busy and I could see why. It was clean and the food was nicely displayed. The salads in the deli had to win the FIRST PRIZE though. I would have taken a picture of that but there were way too many people waiting to order. The bad news is one has to be a member of the Co-Op to buy food...$5.00 to join and $2.00 month but it would be way to far to drive to use this membership.

The produce looked ravishing ~ the colors and textures were wonderful.

Glad to see that Fort Worden has reduced their camping fees from $40.00 a night~!!! That was way, way, way too much...

This is the Host Site where we parked our 5th Wheel during the month we were Campground Hosts about 5 years ago. Seeing this again brought back some fond memories.

One of the many buildings that are used for classrooms, music jammin', a dormatory or whatever!!

Point Wilson Light House ~ U.S. Coast Guard

There are numerous old Bunkers hidden in the dunes to check out ~ room by room....

Hope you're not afraid of the cold, damp and dark!! ( :~o)

Ft. Worden also is a wonderful place to hold 'anything artsy'... Port Townsend is known to be an artsy and accepting town. The town even has a T-Shirt for sale the says. "We're All Here Because We're Not All There!"

"Centrum" hosts it's music camps from this location and they are a blast.


"Officer's Row" (from the back).

After touring around Ft. Worden State Park and Officer's Row we checked out some residential homes along with some B&B's. I especially appreciated the iron work detail at the top and around the eaves of this house.
.. It looks like a President could have lived here in this blue Colonial...

Beautiful B&B For Sale...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sirens Bar where Al played his Blues music at their Open Mic. Really great place and part of the Blues scene in Port Townsend, WA.

Please come back tomorrow to check out the end of our trip. I am going to watch "Dancing With The Stars" now...

Nice bar area with patio on right and light open windows.

Cute table in Sirens Bar.

Great views from the patio at Siren's of the Seattle area ferry's.. This ferry is one of the smaller one's and I think they are using these as it is not yet the tourist season.

Siren's has outdoor, patio seating along with 'friendly' visitors....

Al bought me a Spanish Coffee...YIPPEE. Really wonderful so I drank that during his performance.

This is "Tim" a Qwest employee who was in Port Townsend on business, was visiting Sirens and LOVED Al's blues performance. He came over to me and wanted to buy him a beer (and also wanted to buy me one too) and was so impressed with Al's music playing the Blues... What a nice man he was...

The Swan Hotel in Port Townsend, WA where we stayed on this trip as well as our trip last summer. This time we were still on the first floor but in the left hand door, and we were in the right hand door last summer. Dogs are allowed on the first floor only, and we took our Cally Dog.... Nice place to stay and close to town.

Comfy queen bed!!

Bathroom with tub and shower. The shower curtain was an Emerald Green plaid and unfortunately I did not get a picture of it as it was really pretty with Green tiles around the tub area.

A nice sitting area with great TV inside cabinet. Room does not include Dog!

Puget Sound and great weather.
This is the beginning of a
hairpin turn....

Plus this superior scenery we had fabulous weather for March 24th in Washington State. SEE WE DON'T ALWAYS HAVE RAIN....

Traveling northbound to Port Townsend, we will be following the Puget Sound and admiring the glorious scenery of Washington State starting with the Olympic Mountains we first spotted outside Shelton, Washington.

Come with us on Al's 66th birthday journey.