Wednesday, June 24, 2009

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Check out our blog to see if we saw any bear on our trip through Washington State... or maybe we saw other wildlife, who knows? The Pacific Northwest is abundant with wild animals of all types, shapes and sizes and quite the wild, wild west.... If you can't visit in person, the next best thing is our blog...(be it wild life or just great travel pictures).......ENJOY!

Monday, June 22, 2009

We got an early start from our home because we wanted to have breakfast at Clarks Restaurant in Cosmopolis, WA. ~ one of our favorites. They are located about 2 hours away from our house.

Al is standing at the ice cream window where 'tons' of ice cream is served every month.

Al your breakfast will be here really soon.

The wait for breakfast was worth it!! Al tasted his jam and it's homemade blackberry... Yum

Inside of Clark's Restaurant

Oops this is a duplicate PIX ~ Sorry!
Inside Clark's Restaurant,

Best Restaurant awards from years past ~ they have won every year since 2001

"Best of Twin Harbors 2008" is again Clark's Restaurant...

Mexican import stand along highway where Al bought his new pull-over and the owner invited us into his home to show us his beautiful stained glass windows.

The guy who sold Al his new 'pull-over' invited us into his house to see the stained glass windows he has installed in his home. Beautiful... He said he got both of these in Mexico..

Now that we had our breakfast we are off on out 3 night mini-vacation... YIPPEE!

I love to drive so close to the ocean... If you look at the sand and how close the wet sand is to the folage.. What an exciting high tide that must have been and the gorgeous day added so much to our drive.

I have been getting e-mails from Seabrook for months and wanted to check it out for myself!
The idea was great and prices are not outrageous.
Go to and look at all the cool houses for rent and if wanted some are for sale too...

Another home in Seabrook and look at the Pacific Ocean in the background.

One of the 'high-end' homes might be a rental for LARGE families.

Pacific Beach Resort & Conference Center which includes the Windjammer Restaurant, the Lounge and also a gym, bowling alley, swimming pool, motel and who knows what else. Everything is ONLY open for Military personnel except for the Restaurant and Lounge.

Best reason we left the beach...did horrible things to one's hair.

Checked out their lounge too which was just around the corner from the restaurant...

The Gull Wing Inn and our host & hostess, owners, John and Carla. She also has an Antigue store in the front of the motel and definitely worth the stop!

A nice sitting area on lawn at the motel where one can sit out with "Jake the Snake" ~ see him?
It is a perfect place to sit and watch the ocean which is just across the street!!

Wow, what a surprise this collage turned out to be; from the baby gown, to the hat, booties, spoon and picture, I am still looking for this name in Kentucky.
So far no luck...but wouldn't that be an amazing story?

For those of you that know me, please check out the name on this Baptism

Lots of cute old fashioned baby girl things.

This was an absolute adorable "little white dress" with matching hat...

All 3 unit's sitting areas.

This was our sitting area.

This was our unit (the smallest of the three) which we enjoyed very much especially looking at all the wonderful antiques.

The bedrooms are located in one of the 3 various units and all are filled with gorgeous antiques.

Each of the 3 bathrooms are decorated with tasteful antiques which carry through each unit.

Some of the gorgeous antiques scattered throughout various rooms..

I thought this was a cute note to all who stay in this room......

The kitchen in each room is well stocked with everything a cook would need.

We drove around town to check out other rentals and came upon this one... It is right on the beach and looked like it could tell some great stories!!