Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our new neighbors, Patrick, really got right into the 'heart of the party' wearing his party hat and his adorable wife, Judy, was enjoying her pizza so I didn't snap a picture of her just then!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

This turned out to be the 'mode of transportation' which took us to Portland, Oregon (instead of an Amtrak train) due to a massive mudslide.  By law the passenger trains must bus passengers for about 48 hours after a slide to ensure the hills are stable as safety rules.  I think I agree with that 'smart' ruling.  We rode this Seattle University bus which packed full but a real luxury!

We arrived at the Amtrak train depot and found out that there had been a mudslide that cover the train tracks just north of Vancouver, WA so we were going to be bussed from Kelso to Portland where we would then catch our train for Sacramento....

Our friends and neighbors, Guy and Joanne, drove us to the train station.  We took them out for a Vietnamese meal before leaving town.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Willamette Falls which is located in the Willamette River, by Oregon City, Oregon. The water falls down into a large pool that has waterfalls on all 4 sides.  Very pretty and quite a recognizable site for hundreds of fisherman who fish for salmon in the Willamette River....

Beautiful mural inside the Sacramento, California Amtrak station.  We had an 8 hour layover in Sacramento which gave us time to go have a great dinner, take in a show and check out "Old Sacramento (Old Sac)"

Enjoyed out time in Reno even though it was snowing, icy and cold.  The good thing is that I believe it kept lots of gamblers at home....

Saw this amazing show at the Eldorado Hotel and Casino and guess what?  Almost all of he people in the audience were over 60 years old!!!  (loved it and felt right at home).

When we entered our room what a "super surprise"..... a huge tray of snacks....."how nice".  Then after Al removed some things from the tray,  he saw a sign that read "IF YOU TOUCH ANYTHING ON THIS TRAY YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY BE CHARGED FOR IT'.  I have never seen him put something back as fast as he did these "nice snacks" because the tray was WIRED!