Saturday, July 28, 2007

Our Hosts while staying in the Yuma Foothills....Bill is the brother of my dear old time friend, Shirley and Sandy is Bill's wife. They were very gracious to let us park in their front yard and put up with us for over a week. Al and I sincerely thank them for their hospitality and for all the fun times we had....

Our 5th wheel parked in front of Bill and Sandy's home in Yuma Foothills.

Bill, Sandy, Al and I went to the
Yuma Flea Market where we checked out
all the 'good deals'....

Decided to check out this Bar/Restaurant in Algodones, Mexico while Bill, Sandy, Al and I were across the border shopping.
This is just a very typical mexican restaurant..

We stopped at a local Bar/Restaurant while in Algodones and indulged in a wonderful Mexican Margarita.... OLE'

Bill and Sandy love to ride their 4-Wheelers out in the desert....

Please notice the long tube with 'sprinkler' water
shooting into the air......this is part of the delightful and refreshing hot springs and we really enjoy stopping here.

We love to stop at
Holtville Hot Springs

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Al is relaxing in Wanda and Jack's living room inside their park model at
Country Roads RV Village, Yuma, Arizona.
This is a 55+ RV Park and the lots are individually owned, so no increase in monthly dues...all part of this gated community.
Look later in today's blog for the link to check out
Country Roads RV Village...

This is our friend, Wanda..She and her husband, Jack, live in the winter here in their park model at Country Roads RV Village, Yuma, AZ and in the summer at their place in Washington State.

Country Roads RV Village, Yuma, AZ

This is one of 4 swimming pools (1 indoor), plus they have 3 spas (1 indoor), a restaurant and so many activities one could not do all....

Checking out other Park Models inside
Country Roads RV Village ~
We are with Jack, Wanda, one of their
neighbors and Al too! (right to left)

We drove and drove following this gravel/dirt road....hoping to find something at the end....we knew there had to be some civilization at the end because of the phone wires.....(first hint when lost in the desert)!!!

After driving down the dirt roads we finally came to Gold Rock Ranch which is a RV Park way out in the desert. They have numerous steady customers who go back each year. They do have some activities, music, meals ...but no horses at this ranch.

Al had to check out all the 'yard decorations' at Gold Rock Ranch, AZ that were abandoned in the desert rusting..

Truck rusting in the desert which was part of the 'yard decorations' at Gold Rock Ranch, AZ.

Just another old truck rusting in the desert at Gold Rock Ranch...

We found this mobile home out in the desert where their yard had some really 'interesting' landscape...
Just a few pictures following.

More of the "Yard Art".

This is some more of her "Yard Art"...
broken colored glass.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We are entering into Tombstone, Arizona where the Earp's Wyatt, Virgil and Morgan with Doc Holliday fought the Clanton's and McLaury's on
October 26, 1881 at the O.K. CORRAL.


We ran into some 'real' locals walking through town...A very original atmosphere.

Allan is leaning on the original bar that the Earp Brothers and Doc Holliday leaned on...... and was he ever thrilled.

This is one of the "Biker's" hangouts in Tombstone, AZ. I kept us far away as I didn't want to end up at the next picture...

Tombstone, AZ Courthouse from corner.
It is a gorgeous and historical building.

Why do I always take Al's picture in front of the Courthouses?

YUP we are in Tombstone, Arizona

Really get the true OLD WEST feeling

Welcoming sign when entering Ajo, AZ.

After we pulled off Hwy 85, we followed this 'dirt road' into the desert where we spent a few nights in the quiet desert on free BLM land. It was awesome....

We saw these signs everywhere in the southern part of Arizona... this is something we just don't see in Washington State.....or at least where we are in the Southwest part of the State.

Always had to 'giggle' when we passed this sign. We didn't stay here but thought it was a very creative name.

Beautiful Ajo AZ Church
Arizona has many churches, missions, etc., that have such beautiful architectural designs with that gorgeous southwestern influence...(Duh this is the southwest)..

Ajo, AZ

While traveling south on Hwy. 85, we passed the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range then through the town of Ajo where we saw this huge pile of rocks...which turned out to be a huge Copper Mine. This is what it looks like from the Highway!

It was quite a site to see a close up of the
sides of Copper Mine in Ajo, AZ.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

From our little home to your's....
next time you see this picture there will be shutters on the windows....I can hear Allan nailing from here!!!

This is the porch side of the south wall Al built for our front porch...He installed these old paned windows and I planted these adorable plants in the pots sitting on the 6" shelf he built. Check out these adorable plants at:
I will have more of our house as he installs the shutters too....

Al will be spending many hours stacking the mill ends into our breezeway...This is the first level
row, with how many more to go? Only the shadow knows...!!!
When he wants to take a break he is in the process of building shutters for our house.
What a dream hubby I have....and after building that wall for our front porch...
Good going Allan!!!!

We hear this huge truck coming down our alley..and it is filled with 5 cords of mill ends for our 'trash burner' to keep us warm this winter. The truck was full up to the brim...
Yikes...what fools think of winter in this 90+ degree weather?

Allan talks to the driver who is about to open up that back end....

And more came out...

And more came out.....

And more came out until .......

And this is what we have at the back of our house....5 cords of mill ends!

This is my dear old friend Paula and her new hubby Dick. Paula and I have known each other since lst Grade and went all through High School together. Dick was a year ahead of us...Paula & Dick dated in high school and went to his prom and then a year later her prom together. Well, 2 months ago they got married...This is the coolest and 'nuttiest' story and if I had more room I would share it with you all. They drove from Oregon to take us to lunch because it was
because of Al that they have been reunited after 45 years.
Like I said ~ This is a great story.....

Yup ~ Chow time at
Ryderwood's 4th of July Celebration.

Standing in the chow line.....It was amazing how many people came to little ol' Ryderwood for our 4th of July Parade, Potluck, Fun and Games.
People from many of our neighboring towns came to Ryderwood to celebrate our
Nation's Birthday.

Two Ryderwood residents collecting money for the raffle....and I won that prize at the bottom right was 5 pounds of Hazelnuts...
I wanted to win one of the 2 $100 gift certificates to our local grocery store for either food or gas!

If you can squint and look thru the people you might be able to see our new Gazebo in the Ryderwood Park...This is where Al was working out his sound equipment for his performance and we unfortunately had to miss the parade...but we got a few pictures of the main entry coming up.