Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Roslyn was founded in 1886 as a coal mining town. Platted by Logan M. Bullet, Vice President of the Northern Pacific Coal Co., the first commercial coal mining operations were begun to support railway operations. Throughout the middle 1880's, the Northern Pacific Railway, the parent of Northern Pacific Coal Co., pushed to reach Puget Sound across the Cascade Mountains. The Northern Pacific began building across Stampede Pass just west of Roslyn, approaching from Wallula, Washington in the east and Tacoma in the west. A 77 mile gap remained in 1886. In January of that year, Nelson Bennett was given a contract to construct a 9,850 foot tunnel under Stampede Pass, completing it in 1888. Roslyn, which lies on the route to Stampede Pass, provided the coal for the railway construction work as well as the continuing railroad operations.

An old Roslyn, Washington establishment!

The residents in Old Roslyn, used coal oil on the outside of their houses, but this is a relatively newer house.

Some streets in Roslyn, Washington.


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