Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wind Surfing 101
This guy was in the water right off our patio and in a perfect for me to get a picture for Wind Surfing 101. Yup, just get a full wet suit, a wind surfing board and sail and follow these pictures.
While the surfer is in the water, he turns the sail to pick up the wind and at the exact moment that sail turns and it pulls the surfer out of the water and on to the board. It was like a ballet to watch how easily the surfer re-mounted the board. Lots of practice.....

Now he is up on his board and turning the sail to take him to middle of the River!

And away he goes to join his wind surfin' buddies.

Who know's why these guys like to wind surf in this freezing cold wind ~ even with a full wet suit. Last November while in Hood River we heard that most of the local wind surfer's left the area for the winter to go wind surfing in Baja Mexico.....but obviously not all of them left!


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