Thursday, January 08, 2009

Rain is subsiding, saw some sun breaks today and things are looking up. I-5 the major freeway from Portland,OR to Seattle,WA is closed between MM 68-88 ~~ we're at MM 59 that is how close the flooding is ... From the air one can see there are farms covered, houses covered, business' covered and hundreds of truckers are stopped with their loads and the 'shortcut' is an additional 440 miles! Also I-5 is shut down is also due to mud slides, so this definitely is winter in the Pacific NW.
Luckily I believe we will be just fine here.

Above is our Northern most street and the ditch water. If we get the amount of rain forecast this definitely will run over and flood the street. Our house is about 4 blocks from this. Excuse the windshield swipe.

The 'land' in front of the tree trunk below is actually leaves floating on the water.. it is not dry land.

Campbell Creek is continuing here to flow north and is getting more unwieldy the further north we go.

This picture is right across the street from Howard & Marilyn's house. The Creek is moving as fast and furious ~ like the Rogue River in S.W Oregon and it sounds just like the Ocean.


At 9:53 PM, Blogger ourbusandus said...

First, record snow, then, record floods, ye gads, what's next for you guys!!! Q is here and we'll miss seeing you down south. Believe it or not, it's in the 70's down here, finally. Looking forward to seeing all our friends and making new ones!

Hugs, Sharon & Ron


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