Monday, May 24, 2010

If anyone saw 5 Easy Pieces with Jack Nickelson it was filmed at this Denny's Restaurant in Eugene, Oregon. We took Dirk and Betsy to breakfast here, tried to sit in the same booth as they did in the movie but we missed it by 2 booths. Everytime we drive I-5 and pass this restaurant, Al say's "did you know that this is where they filmed 5 Easy Pieces?"

These are 'our boys'. Al and Dirk were walking back to our cars, Al was thoughtfully carrying my purse for me holding it at his side, and they had their arms around each other.. It was hilarious (as Betsy and I were following them), I really wanted a picture but he had camera in purse and as you can see Dirk had their camera. What a shame... but we did tell them, they laughed and did the best they could to re-create the scene.


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