Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bea and Ken are such a wonderful couple who we love very much. Ken contributed so much to us when we had our Dodge Diesel Dually, as he is a highly certified diesel mechanic and very qualified to work on any diesel equipment. He helped us with our Jake Brake which was very instrumental in sealing our marriage... no yelling, cussing, pulling out my hair and/or screaming going downhill pulling a 5th wheel.!!! Thanks you guys!!!!

We shared a wonderful buffet lunch at Izzy's Restaurant and had a fantastic time re-hashing old times and giggling at our trip when our Dodge Diesel Dually with our 5th wheel attached were towed down the HUGE HILL ~IN THE SNOW to Susanville, CA. This was just one of our memorable times that we enjoyed remembering.


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