Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is now a Master Bedroom (I am sure) but when I was growing up it was our Family Room. The wall cubicles were not there and through the open door was a "Powder Room" with a built-in vanity (it has been removed). Thru the closed door is the closet and in the summer when I was a little girl I would check the rockery outside, where garder snakes were sunbathing, I would pick up the snakes and take them into the house where I would put them into a glass milk container. At that time we also had a housekeeper who would come and clean our house twice a month ~ her name was Yulamay...

Well, Yulamay came one day to clean and my mother told her that she didn't need to go into the closet by the Powder Room to clean because Molly had put some snakes in milk bottles that were in the closet....but not to worry because they were all in the milk bottles. Well, poor Yulemay said, "Oh dear, Maam, I can't go there because I am really afraid of snakes so I have to leave NOW" and she got her coat and away she went. Well, Mom went to the closet to remove the snakes but they had crawled out of the milk containers and were never found again.... In fact, they still might be there!!!!!!!!!!!


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