Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is my bedroom. I had a desk in the alcove and twin beds were sitting in the same direction as the grain in the wood floors. The shelves were filled with my dolls and toy horses that I loved to much.
I was especially interested to find out if the same colors were on these walls... which they aren't. I convinced my parents that I could paint my room "in stripes". The whole room was painted in different widths of strips, from 4", 6" 8" 10" and 12" painted randomly and placed randomly. Only from a high school girl...right? Also, there were windows on the steep hill side of my bedroom and when it was snowing I would bring snow up to my room in a bucket and throw snowballs at the people sledding down the hill... Oh what fun I had
The colors I chose were purple, lavender, blue and beige... These colors are a creation of the real thing as best I could do with these colors!

My parents bedroom... in the alcove where the window is are the doors to both closets. My dad's was on the right and mom's was on the left. There was a crawl space at the back of my mom's closet through a little wooden door that I would get into and crawl along the to the opening in my bedroom closet. Great 'hiding place' when one was a child. This room is much larger than picture shows.

Our basement.. The shelves on the wall are new the recessed ceiling lighting is new and the bar which was nestled in the alcove is gone, the bricks on the fireplace are white now but besides that it looks the same.

I really wanted to see my old house in person but these pictures are almost as good.

What wonderful memories these bring back.


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