Thursday, January 22, 2009

Driving up Hwy 16 on our way to Stevenson, we finally got to a place called "Cape Horn", and this is where I took these 2 pictures........looking east up the Gorge. One of them shows a barge traveling the river and wish the gorgegous colors would have shown up better. I leaned out of the car to take this picture because when they were making this road that 'hugs' the cliff over the Gorge, "someone" put in more dynamite than needed and blew up the whole side of this mountain. The Corps of Engineers had to develope a new idea as to how to "hold up" the road on the this road is a kinda bridge built up on the side of this hill...
Yikes that is quite un-nerving and I just hold my breath when going over this part of Hwy 16.


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