Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This is where many of Al's ancestors are buried ~ Cypress Hill Cemetery in Stonyford, Colusa County, California. How exciting for him, his 2nd cousins Sue, Tom and 3rd cousin, Christian. WOW am I ever glad we traveled to California, met up with Sue, her hubby Wes, her brother Tom, and her son Christian. Then we had the opportunity to meet more 2nd cousins, Daryl and Joyce Bond who shared all sorts of family pictures, stories and valuable information with us the next generation. Then they even fed us a delicious spaghetti meal. Can't get better than that!! Thank you so much, Joyce and Daryl.
The lone cowboy boot memorialized within the Bond plot area. No name, no description, no clue as to who this is...just some Bond's boot. Now if our name was (Doc) Holliday, (Bat) Masterson, (Wild Bill) Hickok, (Wyatt) Earp, (Samuel) Bass, (Jesse) James it would make sense but? Well, we do have a (Judge Roy) Bean and a (Kit) Carson in the family!!!!

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