Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some more of our Love Birds and couples at our table for Christmas.. This is Jerre and Stella....(she was born in Hawaii) and one of the people who entertained us with beautiful Christmas Caroles and Melekelemaka and old Hawaiian Christmas song. In the background is Gary who was instrumental in us finding our home in Ryderwood and Terry on the piano who is working with Al and his Blues music.
Oh my gosh...This is Meredith and Bob who were our hosts for the Christmas Party last Saturday. They both still do the "w" thing and will retire in a few years. They own the most beautiful and largest home in town.. Will take pictures of the outside before they pull down all their outside lights.

This is Jan and Don who sat at the same table as we did for the Christmas Party. Jan is a really delightful lady who is really warm and friendly. Her hubby Don is the President of the Board of Trustees of our town and a retired executive of another Washington State County.


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