Sunday, November 22, 2009

This is the house that I lived in from lst grade through high school graduation. It is at the bottom of a huge hill and sits at the top of a tall rockery. During snow storms the streets were closed with barriers the police would set up and magically became the greatest and fastest sledding hill around. My dad would build a fire in our basement fireplace and mom would serve hot chocolate to all us wet and cold kids while our coats, gloves and hats could dry out (or at least warm up). Oh my, those were the days...
There was a "Sale Pending" sign in front and the house was vacant otherwise I would have knocked on the door to ask to see the house again.... The tall fir tree in the upper left-hand corner was planted by my dad in probably around 1951 and definitely needs to be cut down as it is really close to the house and roof. The corner window is the kitchen eating area and the dormer window was the alcove in my bedroom. Great house with tons of wonderful memories.


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